Voitures Miniatures pour Collectionneur

A Brief Introduction:

Hello, and welcome to Cars18.com !

This website is the home of my 1/18 diecast car model collection. My ultimate goal is to make this website an online web directory of the 1/18 diecast cars. . . although I know that would be quite an ambitious goal.

I started collecting the 1/18 diecast car models back in 1988, while I was living in Australia. Back then, the models were very expensive, especially for a middle school kid, whose only income source was the pocket money given from parents. With the money that I saved, I was buying a model, once every few month.

I have slowly expanded my collection ever since, and the collection started expanding rapidly after I moved to the U.S. back in 1992. Here in the States, the models were a lot cheaper, and after I have started working . . . you can guess how I spent my salary. Initially, I have bought the diecasts at the KB Toys stores near my home in Westchester, New York, but then I realized that I was actually catching up to the Burago / Maisto productions.

So now I buy most of the models on the eBay and other online stores. But as that is still not enough for me, I have been buying directly from venders and manufacturers, from China all the way to France.

This site is to share the collection of my diecast cars, with everyone, including other enthusiast out there, who is also collecting (or thinking of collecting) the 1/18 diecast models.

I hope that you will enjoy the pictures, and it would be the greatest pleasure for me if this website helps the viewers in expanding their beautiful collection.